Application modernization with VMware vSphere 7

Application modernization with VMware vSphere 7

Today’s enterprise customers’ needs are evolving, and IT must not only provide infrastructure agility, but also ensure security, efficiency, and resiliency to fully benefit from application modernization. VMware vSphere 7 provides basic services for modern hybrid clouds, supporting computing environments for artificial intelligence, machine learning, and business-critical, modern applications.

Rebuild as an open platform with kubernetes APIs to provide a cloud-like experience for developers and operations personnel.

With VMware vSphere 7, IT maintenance teams can benefit from simplified lifecycle management capabilities, new enhanced security features, new application-centric management capabilities, and a unified platform for consistent operations for the cloud, data center, and edge environments. VMware vSphere 7 beta has been extensively tested by approximately 1,000 customers. New features and features include:

Streamlined lifecycle management

By using the required state model, vSphere administrators can create configurations, apply configurations, and continuously monitor them with ease to prevent configuration drift. This simplifies lifecycle management, vSphere software patches, and firmware upgrades.

Native security

The new version is imported into vSphere Trust Authority, which provides remote authentication for sensitive workloads. In addition, use identity federation with Active Directory Joint Service (ADFS) to help secure links and account management.

App Acceleration

All apps will benefit from VMware vSphere 7 enhancements, including significant improvements to DRS, vMotion enhancements, and enhanced support for persistent memory (PMEM) functionality. In addition, artificial intelligence, machine learning, and other applications can leverage the GPU elastic resource pool to increase utilization through GPU hardware.

Full application support

With Kubernetes’ new refactoring, it has been optimized for modern container-based workloads and existing virtual machine-based workloads to run both loads. VSphere 7 with Kubernetes supports VMware Cloud Foundation Services to increase developer efficiency, starting with VMware Cloud Foundation 4.

App-centric management

Available only in vSphere 7 and Kubernetes (available through VMware Cloud Foundation 4), helps VI administrators organize multiple objects into a logical group and then apply policies to the entire group. For example, administrators can apply security principles and storage restrictions to a set of Kubernetes clusters that represent an app, rather than to all clusters individually.

VMware vSphere 7 will be 2 configurations. One configuration is multiple versions of virtual machine-based applications, including VMware vSphere Enterprise Plus Edition, and the other is VMware vSphere with Kubernetes, which will be available in conjunction with VMware Cloud Foundation 4 with Tanzu and support container- and virtual machine-based applications.

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