Digital transformation with low-code platforms

Digital transformation with low-code platforms

The outbreak has inspired people that any process that requires manual operation wants to be digitally replaced. With the rise of digitalization, more and more company management began to focus on this aspect. Expect to increase internal productivity.

In the process of digital transformation of enterprises, there are often many problems.

Enterprises to do digital transformation, want to find professional teams to do software systems. If you’re looking for a traditional developer, you may not be able to meet the expectations of rapid delivery because of the poor agility of traditional development tools. This has led to the stagnation of enterprise digitalization. At this point, it’s especially important if organizations can find a development tool that can respond quickly and support digital work.

At present, the low code development platform can solve this problem. Low code helps solve productivity problems, including project backlogs and a lack of skilled developers. Digital transformation with low-code platforms

While low code is an unfamiliar area for most business managers, in addition to helping companies reduce costs, low code has more advantages in attracting business attention to this area, such as:

(1) Low code effectively shortens system delivery time

The most representative cases such as: nail fit, in the last year, in order to protect against the epidemic, only 24 hours, the “epidemic joint prevention and control reporting system” to build and online use. It is said that after the system was put into use, there are more than 100,000 primary health care units in use throughout the country.

(2) Digital transformation of low-code enabled enterprises

For many enterprise management, how to quickly complete the enterprise digital transformation upgrade is particularly important, low-code platform can help enterprises achieve their goals. Compared to traditional development approaches, low code can dramatically shorten project lead times and accelerate enterprise digital deployment processes.

(3) Low code for enterprises to reduce procurement costs

Traditional enterprise digital system, often because of the business module, need to find a number of suppliers to purchase. For example, systems such as OA, CRM, BPM, etc. are difficult to meet within a vendor. However, if you purchase a low-code system platform, you can achieve the customer’s OA, CRM, BPM and other system requirements with configuration alone. Can save enterprises more than 90% of procurement costs!

(4) Low code to meet the needs of customized customersDigital transformation with low-code platforms

Low-code platform because of its flexible design can effectively improve the user experience, meet more personalized needs of customers, but also let business people who do not understand the development of quickly build applications, so that applications understand business needs! Application builds are done by visual interface drag and drop, and project programs can be improved faster and more efficiently than traditional hard coding.

(5) Low code simplifies business processes

In addition to improving the user experience, organizations need to increase revenue by transforming their operating models to improve business efficiency. Low code development helps developers automate business processes by dragging and dragging modeling. The security features built into the low code guarantee the security reliability of the internal processes of the low code.

(6) Low code makes business managers’ decisions more accurate

Low code relies on strong data and report analysis capabilities, the system for the project to carry out a full cycle of recording, easy to follow up the analysis and summary, can quickly generate the corresponding reports, so that business managers know the business situation of enterprises, accelerate managers in the company’s development strategy level decision-making power more accurate!

(7) Low code reduces the backlog of IT department projects

IT departments often face a backlog of projects, and with a low-code platform, developers can complete project requirements in a short time. At the same time, after simple training of business personnel and operations, business personnel can also participate in the application construction process, so that some projects can be directly within the business unit to digest themselves, without having to submit to the IT department, the project backlog will be somewhat alleviated.

Not only does a low-code platform help developers be more efficient in addressing more user needs, but they also have more time to focus on building higher-quality, more critical product features, which is very positive for enterprise digital transformation and upgrading.

Using a low-code platform rationally and efficiently not only allows us to perform efficiently, but also maximizes the achievement of team goals. I recommend using Informat, which has more than 100 application templates built into and covered: OA, ERP, CRM, performance, personnel, enterprise services, individuals, organizations, and more. Install with one click and try it for free. Sign up now for lifetime free use. At the same time can also experience online building functions, is to help enterprises to start digital transformation of an important engine!

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