Tokyo 2020 Paralympic Games start with a most inspiring story of Suhas LY

Tokyo 2020 Paralympic Games starting with a most inspiring story of Suhas LY

Let me share a true Inspiring story of India’s first specially-abled IAS officer LY Suhas who is representing the country in the Tokyo 2020 Paralympic Games.

I met him during my COVID-19 volunteering. He is a man-of-mission. I wish him all the best for his mission of  Tokyo 2020 Paralympic Games.

An IAS officer and a badminton champion, Suhas has not let his disability prevent him from following his dreams and his story is a motivation for the younger generation.

Suhas spoke about his life and his motivational journey.

“I want to thank God for this because when I used to study, I didn’t even think of becoming a district collector. It was a dream come true, then I got the opportunity to participate in civil service also,” saidSuhas LY Suhas.

“There was also an opportunity to go to the highest competition of sports. I want to say to all the people, and especially the youth, that whatever you want to do in life, try to do that. Because sometimes we win sometimes, we lose in life.

“But one should never back down from the effort. I want to say all youth that I studied in normal school college and the I joined civil service and now I am going to Paralympics, then why not you. You can also do it by trying,” he added.

The para-athlete stressed on the importance of “time management”. “We work throughout the day, after that if you like to watch movies, you go and watch for 3 hours, you will not feel stressed, because whatever you like from heart, It never gives you stress.” 

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